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 Washington Mutual Bank FA ceased to exist as of April 4, 2005, therefore non-existent?

 Wallace v. Washington Mutual Bank, F.A. - US Court of Appeals for ..

 Wallace v. Washington Mutual Bank, F.A. - US Court of Appeals for  Ohio
 Jun 26, 2012 – v. WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK, F.A.; WELLS. FARGO BANK N.A.,. Defendants,. LERNER, SAMPSON & ROTHFUSS,. Defendant-Appelle

 Washington Mut. Bank, F.A. v. Wallace (Slip Opinion) - Supreme Court
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Dec 5, 2012 – WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK, F.A., APPELLEE, v. WALLACE ET AL., APPELLANT. [Until this opinion appears in the Ohio Official Reports ...
Dec 9, 2011 – On June 17, 2010, Joyce Chandler filed a complaint in the Circuit Court of the First Circuit, State of Hawai'i, against Washington Mutual Bank, ...
 Washington Mutual Bank F.A. |
Sep 10, 2010 – The affidavit stated that Washington Mutual Bank F.A. was the owner, but they've been out of business now for a few years.


  1. Why won't anyone just help me understand and tell me the truth is this over or am I still in case settlements or
    I asked my name be kept unknown only today I want my name said
    Guess I'm a whistle blower too so what I get no perfection either
    I helped taught saw what they did not want anyone to know the truth how the older adults who owned years had the American dream in a flash have it taken out under you leaving you to die be homeless lost displaced confused I'm a mess I only want the truth what happened I busted my ass fighting doing program after to save only not qualifying due to my income ssi disability then I kept trying this that contacting everyone you name it I contacted Washington, D.C. Treasery occ attorney general ca ha I can't believe this who and why did they have to put me through a tourcher summer of 2013 up why I couldn't get online search

  2. I have notified Congress and the SEC and my whistleblower case has been in Limbo since 2009. After WaMu (VP Enterprise Operations) RETAIL Consumer Mortgages, Small Business mostly back end risk operations processes. They won't close my case they can't I like so many of us (and I am came to WaMu from GE Capital Asset Management and Commercial and Vendor Finance for the US,Europe, Asia and M&A as well as the Global Panther Project there the banks didn't like the advanced skills and training of my group from GE that went to WaMu in 2003 and 2004. I was at that Shareholders meeting in the Spring of 2008 at Cedarbrook and I also was the one that did a lot of the complete overhaul and re-engineering and all business requirements for the Consumer Division, Small Business and Credit Card (Worked like crazy and created the first all organic credit card division all new systems, processes, vendors, operations and compliance driven performance models where once we opened that new Melbourne FL site we broke records at performance and 98.9% in compliance.

  3. Thoae sections are under the Retail Umbrella not home loans and NONE OF THE INFORMATION YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN APPLIES TO ALL OF THE ACCOUNTS IN THAT DIVISION. NOT ME OR LOT OF OTHERS COULD FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED THAT DAY IN 2008. REMEMBER ALL US EXECS IN OPERATIONS EVEN A VP IN COPORATE MAKE ABOUT $100K AND WORK ABOUT 80 HOURS A WEEK. THINK ABOUT SOMETHING DO YOU REALLY THINK THOUSANDS OF US DID THIS TO OURSELFS AND OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES TOO. THEN LESS THAN A YEAR LATER I WENT TO WORK AT THE CHASE SITE ON THE OTHER END OF TOWN AS A VP OVER ALL CREDIT CARD LITIGATION AND ARBITRATION FOR INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL FIRMS, 74 INTERNAL PROCESS AND OPERATIONS AND DEPARTMENTS INCLUDING DEFAULT ACCOUNTING, MONETARY ADJUSTMENTS, SALES, AUDITS WITH THE INTERNAL FIRMS AND THIRD PARTIES FOR PAYMENTS, INVOICING, RE-CONCILLIATIONS, ETC... EIGHT WEEKS IN JUST STILL ABSORBING ALL OF THESE NEW GROUPS AND AREAS AND WE HAD A FEW AG CASES GOING ON THE NORMAL AND I WAS HIRED WITH MY SKILL SET TO BASICALLY BLOW IT ALL UP AND RE-ENGINEER INTO COMPLIANCE AND PROVIDE REAL OVERSIGHT AND MANAGEMENT TO THE THIRD PARTIES AS SOMEONE WITH THE EXPERIECE AND KNOWHOW TO DO IT. THEN ONE MONDAY I THINK EVERY BLACKBERRY IN THE COUNTRY WENT OFF FOR BANKERS THE MINN AG LAWSUIT FILED THE PREVIOUS WEEK CONGRESS AND THE SENATE IN LESS THAN A WEEK HAD BEEN HEARING NON STOP TESTIMONY AND FROM HIGH PROFILE FORMER STATE SURPREME COURT JUSTICES, HIGH PROFILE RETIRED JUDGES AND IVY LEAGUE LAW PROFESSORS. THEY ISSUE A IMMEDIATE NATIONWIDE ORDER IN LESS THAT A WEEK HALTING ALL COMSUMER ARBITRATION ON ANY BANK OR THIRD PARTIES FOR ALL KINDS OF PRODUCTS. AND MY NEW JOB ONLY EIGHT WEEKS IN BUT I WAS THE ACCOUNTABLE BUSINESS OWNER OF IT ALL. But what you don't know and I am not waiting anymore myself and a ACFE fraud examiner are going to kick Jamie (and I know and can prove the exact accountable people at WaMu now at Chase and BOA, Citi and Cap One. Took a while to reverse engineer how they pulled that off and same thing at numerous banks. Deuce was included too. There had to be about a one in a trillion change that all dropped in mu lap out of everyone in the whole bank. But I had been at WaMu for 4 years and before that a high profile and highly respected team at GE Capital so I had a lot more experience than most. And I saw everything that employees only at Chase (except for those accountable and their actions were knowingly and intentionally done.) And I have the evidence to prove it for the credit cards and all mortgages under the Retail umbrella option arms, helocs and pem/frlos, mobile homes etc. I wouldn't like and cover for them then and I am not lying and covering or being silenced now. I am preparing for Federal Court for immediate filing all the details of my case and mine was under SOX 1107 Criminal Divisions and I was under direct orders by a congressional subcommittee, occ, sec and ftc criminal divisions and they fired me for following their orders mainly destruction of evidence and shredding, intentional concealing of tens of millions of accounts from regulatory reporting for the Treasury, FFIEC, FDIC and SEC, OCC. And I have a recording of an all executive meeting with me walking through the details which are the real smoking gun and was in 2005 the start of the downfall none of us could see because who would have thought to analyze all the WaMu/Providian accounts for the mortgages and BSA-AML? All the wrong causes of actions have been being filed for years with me makes it under Federal Court and SEC/SOC criminal statues just check off all of them and multiply by trillions. If you want me to testify with evidence contact me best on LinkedIn. Happy to take subpoenas.