Sunday, November 9, 2014

The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare | Rolling Stone

By  | November 6, 2014
She tried to stay quiet, she really did. But after eight years of keeping a
heavy secret, the day came when Alayne Fleischmann couldn't take it
"It was like watching an old lady get mugged on the street," she says. "I thought, 'I can't sit by any longer.'" 
is a tall, thin, quick-witted securities lawyer in her late thirties,
with long blond hair, pale-blue eyes and an infectious sense of humor
that has survived some very tough times. She's had to struggle to find
work despite some striking skills and qualifications, a common symptom
of a not-so-common condition called being a whistle-blower.

Fleischmann is the central witness in one of the biggest cases of white-collarcrime in American history, possessing secrets that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon late last year paid $9 billion (not $13 billion as regularly reported – more on that later) to keep the public from hearing.
Back in 2006, as a deal manager at the gigantic bank, Fleischmann first
witnessed, then tried to stop, what she describes as "massive criminal
securities fraud" in the bank's mortgage operations.

Thanks to a confidentiality agreement, she's kept her mouth shut since
then. "My closest family and friends don't know what I've been living
with," she says. "Even my brother will only find out for the first time
when he sees this interview."


The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare | Rolling Stone

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