Friday, August 22, 2014


We have fought the good fight to save our homes from foreclosure for over five years. We marched in the streets.  We occupied the banks.  We brought the banks to their knees and made them tremble with fear.  We have stood before the legislative bodies across America and enacted homeowners bills of rights achieving protections for all homeowners.    We have uncovered and revealed the fraud, deceits and lies of the banks. We have risked everything and sued the banks in courtrooms far and wide. We have testified in the courts. We have won many battles and achieved victories through great effort.  However we have witnessed too many lost homes and deaths by foreclosure.
I call for a reunification of Spirit.
Let us keep sight of our goal to save every home from foreclosure.
Let us dive deep and gather a renewed strength and energy. 
Let us once more gather our forces and be victorious over each and every bank. 
Declare with me:

Through the Power & Presence of God 
moving through my financial and
legal affairs and acting on my behalf,
I declare here and now to you,
to myself, to the world, and to
JPMorgan Chase Bank NA:

The Victory of God is my victory.
 JPMorgan Chase Bank, I own you!

For this I do give thanks to the Lord for He is Good & His Love is eternal. Amen.

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