Wednesday, July 2, 2014

COURT ORDER IN JAN KALICKI v JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, NA --Chase Executed & Recorded False Documentation Purporting to Transfer Ownership



Court Order Re: JP Morgan Chase Executed and Recorded False Documentation Purporting to Transfer Ownership and that a Chase Executive Created a Fraudulent Document

7/2/2014 by Barry Fagan

In September 2012, the trial court entered a judgment on the stipulation in favor of the Kalickis. 
  • The judgment stated that the Kalickis owned the property and quieted title in their favor. 
  • It also found that Chase had executed and recorded false documentation purporting to transfer ownership of the Kalickis' mortgage to Chase and that a Chase executive created a document in which Chase fraudulently represented that a prior assignment had been lost and that Chase owned the Kalickis' mortgage. 
  • The judgment voided the fraudulent documents and enjoined Chase from recording any false or misleading documents representing that it owned the Kalickis' mortgage.

The judgment against Chase established that Chase created false documents purporting to give it an ownership interest in the Kalickis' loan and deed of trust. Accordingly, when Chase purchased WaMu, the Kalickis' claims against WaMu became intertwined with Chase. Although the WaMu Conduct Claims were ultimately dismissed, this did not occur until after Chase admitted it did not hold an ownership interest in the loan and deed of trust.

SEE COURT DECISION AT:$255,000-attorney-fee-awarded_6-14.pdf

Court of Appeal
Fourth Appellate Division
State of California
Jan Kalicki et al v. JPMorgan Chase Bank NA


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