Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chase Bank's Harassment and Intimidation of 68 Year Old Vietnam War Widow



Rockridge District

July 30, 2014 at 2:45 p.m.

Don't let his smile fool you.
Foreclosure vultures are alive and well in Oakland, California.  Trespass and harassment of foreclosure fighters is a regular occurrence. 

Today in broad daylight a tall muscular dark skinned male identifying himself as a "Chase Bank realtor" trespassed on the residential property of Brenda Reed, a Vietnam war widow, age 68.  Reed is a foreclosure rights activist who has been battling with Chase for some time and continues to try to get Chase to produce chain of title to her home.

Reed was home alone when she heard someone rattling her front door.    Reed opened a french door on an upstairs floor of the house, saw a tall dark man running down the stairs and asked what he wanted.  The alleged Chase representative had entered her property through her front gate, came up three flights of stairs and attempted to get in.

The man refused to provide any form of identification.

This is the second occasion that a foreclosure vulture has trespassed on her property.

According to this man "we do this all the time."  Unwitting homeowners can be tricked into letting these men into their homes so they can check out the property before a foreclosure auction.

When Reed inquired as to what he wanted, the man said he was going to get her house. Reed told him that under California foreclosure law that he was prevented from disturbing the home owner and from trespass on the property.  Reed told him she was going to report his behavior and call the police.

The man laughed in Reed's face and said:  "I work for some very rich man who's gonna get your house and there's nothing you can do about it."

Reed immediately began to shake and her heart raced as she recognized him as one of the
many foreclosure vultures who work the Alameda County foreclosure auctions.  Many bidders are under investigation for the abuses of the law and many have been prosecuted.

Reed photographed the man and his vehicle, a  silver Toyota Corolla, California license 6BNJ179.  She filed a police report and a complaint with the CFPB.  She did not allow him to gain entry to her home.

If you can identify the man or his vehicle email the information.

California 6BNJ179

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