Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WaMu Asset Acceptance Corporation's.Recent SEC Filings

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    wamu asset acceptance corp.
    1301 SECOND AVENUE, WMC 3501A
    SEATTLE WA    98101

    Business Phone: (206) 500-4418
  • Recent SEC Filings

    Form ABS-15G2014-05-15
    Form ABS-15G2014-02-11
    Form ABS-15G2013-11-13
    Form ABS-15G2013-08-13
    Form ABS-15G2013-05-15

    WaMu Asset Acceptance Corp., as Securitizer, is filing this Form ABS-15G in respect of all mortgage-backed securities representing interests in pools of residential mortgage loans for which it acted as depositor and which are outstanding during the reporting period.  On September 25, 2008, JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association (“JPMCB”) acquired the banking operations of Washington Mutual Bank from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”).  It is JPMCB’s position that certain of the repurchase obligations of Washington Mutual Bank remain with the FDIC receivership.  Assets are reported herein in accordance with Rule 15Ga-1 regardless of the validity of the demand or defenses thereto, and nothing in this report shall constitute, or be deemed, a waiver of any rights, defenses, powers or privileges of any party relating to these assets.

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  1. Is this WAMU ASSET ACCEPTANCE CORP's way of saying JPMorgan is completely full of CRAP! LOL!