Monday, February 24, 2014

California Homeowners Sold Out by Attorney General Kamala Harris

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AG Kamala Harris is selling homeowners down the river.  

Below is the link to a video in which Candace Jones, a retired bank fraud analysis expert from Santa Babara, is  addressing the manner in which California AG Kamala Harris continues to fail to enforce the Homeowners Bill of Rights and the Mortgage Bank Settlement and prosecute the banks for their violations. The bankers are continuing to steal our land. The district attorneys are not investigating foreclosure abuses.
Link to video:   Californians sold out by AG Kamala Harris

The following link will direct you to the testimony given by California homeowner and Vietnam War widow, Brenda Reed, before the California Legislative Committee in support of the passage of the California Homeowner's Bill of Rights. That war widow and foreclosure warrior is the author and compiler of this blog.  As such I express my utter disappointment and frustration as to what AG Kamala Harris's office and District Attorneys are not doing to prosecute bank and foreclosure fraud and to enforce the terms of the Mortgage Bank Settlement and the Homeowners Bill of Rights.  

So many courageous Californians from all walks of life were tasked into working with AG Harris' staff on the committee to enact both the settlement and bill of rights.  We spend countless hours in community meetings, committee meetings, giving testimony, and visiting with California legislators.  We worked diligently for foreclosure victims and homeowners for every concession with our blood, sweat and tears.  I always sensed that AG Harris had higher aspirations and was using us to check off another box on her way up the ladder.  Whenever she appeared in her low cut blouse and pearls, I knew we were going to be used for her political gain and sold down the river.  

I challenge AG Kamala Harris to disprove these observations.  I challenge her to do her job on behalf of California's homeowners.  I say "Rise up, Kamala Harris, rise up!"

Link to video:  California Homeowner & Vietnam War Widow's Testimony Before the California Legislature

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