Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Florida Foreclosure Mill ALAW (Albertelli Law) Acquires CRC and Moves into California

ALERT:    Florida foreclosure mill, ALAW aka Albertelli Law, acquired California Reconeyance Company, a California based trustee firm, from J.P. Morgan Chase Bank NA in December 2013.  Albertelli has put Deborah Brignac, a notorious robosigner, in charge of running ALAW's west coast operations.  CRC wrongfully foreclosed on thousands of homes in California and Arizona using robosigned documents.  Distressed homeowners need to stand ever in the ready as to what may lie ahead with the convergence of ALAW and CRC.  I see trouble ahead.

Foreclosure Mill Albertelli Law - Scribd
Jul 24, 2010 - Foreclosure Mill Albertelli Law - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or read online for free. FORECLOSURE FRAUD.

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Albertelli Law, Daniel Consuegra, and Kahane & Associates Investigated — The Florida Foreclosure Fraud Weblog

The investigation into Florida’s foreclosure mills just doubled in size (almost) as the scope widens to include three new law firms under examination for fraudulent foreclosures.

Shannon Behnken of the Tampa Tribune reports:

Tampa firms Daniel C. Consuegra and Albertelli Law, as well as Plantation-based Kahane & Associates, received letters of inquiry in early December from the Economic Crimes Division of the attorney general’s office.  The letters say the office has received complaints of “unfair, deceptive and unconscionable practices” by the firms.

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