Friday, September 20, 2013

Glaski v Bank of America: Glaski speaks to Lady Justice

Contributed by Deontoa
Glaski, speaks to Lady Justice, "I don't need your blindfold, but can I borrow your SWORD?"

Banksters and anyone else from their "Murder of Crows" should not open this if they have any tendency towards ULCERS.

The Crows should look WORRIED ...

An Appellate Judicial Panel VACATES a Submission Order to allow Plaintiff to file additional cites to previous Oral Argument. Plaintiff's Counsel then cites "Glaski". Not at all sure how this case relates to Glaski's fact pattern; but nonetheless the die has been cast in this proceeding. Indeed some unusual goings on ARE apparently afoot here...


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REDACTED EXCERPT: "Statement of The Case"

Essentially this case is about Dual Tracking (Double Crossing the homeowner.). It is even more salacious as the Attorney General of the State of California was monitoring the file and they DOUBLE TRACKED the homeowner ANYWAY. The legal commentator states that at "oral argument" the Appellate Panel appeared to have issues with the Bankster's conduct. This is the third case in a month to emerge as PROMINENT regarding this egregious behavior.

The stirrings here imply a potential Odious Bad Moon Rising for the Bankster Ilk.  Time will certainly tell. The informed discussion is that this could be a very important case.
Due to the SENSITIVE stage of these proceedings I was requested to obscure the parties involved. I am respecting that request. I have high regard for the source of this insight and am sure they see good reasonfor this to fly somewhat under the radar for now anyway.

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