Friday, July 26, 2013

New Site for Washington Mutual Mortgage Securities Corporation

 Just how does JPMorgan Chase Bank NA service their home loans securitized through Washington Mutual Securities Corporation?  Today's blog entry contains a wealth of information for foreclosure fighters. The Servicer's Guide contains valuable links to servicing information that can be downloaded in one PDF file.   Please  click here.  See  Section 206 for Foreclosure .

Effective July 25, 2013 the site address of  http://www.wamusecurities.comf or Washington Mutual Mortgage Securities Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase National Association, was decommissioned.  Please use the new site address of 

New Site Address:

Other Valuable Links are below:

Section 101: Servicer Eligibility
Section 102: Compensation and Subcontracting
Section 103: Administrative Responsibilities
Section 201: Loan Servicing
Section 202: Tax and Insurance Escrows
Section 203: Insurance Requirements
Section 204: Protecting the Property
Section 205: Delinquencies
Section 206: Foreclosure
Section 207: Acquired Properties
Section 208: Conversion Process Adjustable Rate Mortgages
Section 301: Recordkeeping
Section 302: Identifying WMMSC Loans
Section 303: Custodial Accounts
Section 304: Loan Accounting
Section 305: Reporting to WMMSC
Section 401: Representations, Warranties and Obligations of Servicer
Section 402: Assignments and Recordations of Mortgages
Section 403: Remedies for Breach of Representations and Warranties
Appendix A: Glossary of Terms
Appendix B: Office Locations and Telephone Numbers
Appendix C: Holiday Schedule
Appendix D: Wiring Instructions
Appendix E: Electronic Monthly Reporting Fields Required by WMMSC
Forms & Disclosures:Forms & Disclosures

Program Updates
MSC SVRU 001 022: Appendix C
MSC SVRU 001 004: 201 Loan Servicing
MSC SVRU 001 007: 204 Protecting the Property
MSC SVRU 001 001: 101 Servicer Eligibility
MSC SVRU 001 002: 102 Compensation and Subcontracting
MSC SVRU 001 003: 103 Administrative Responsibilities
MSC SVRU 001 014: 303 Custodial Accounts
MSC SVRU 001 012: 301 Recordkeeping
MSC SVRU 002 011: 208 Conversion Process Adjustable Rate Mortgages
MSC SVRU 001 017: 401 Representations, Warranties and Obligations of Servicer
Show All Updates


SSF 003 Contact List
SSF 005 Lender's Authorization and Investor Release Form
SSF 006 Lender's Authorization and MI Company & HUD Reference Request
SSF 010 Seller Servicer Application
SSF 011Seller Servicer Supplemental Information
WMMSC 1002 Selling and Servicing Agreement
WMMSC 1007 Annual Certification
WMMSC 1008 Corporate Resolution
WMMSC 2009 Final Documentation Transmittal
WMMSC 3001 Statement of Expenses
WMMSC 3002 Delinquency Report
WMMSC 3003 Foreclosure Recommendation Individual Delinquency Report
WMMSC 3008 Request for Transfer of Servicing
WMMSC 31477 Annual Statement of Compliance 12.7.10
WMMSC 4002 Principal and Interest Custodial Acccount Letter Agreement
WMMSC 4004 Taxes and Insurance Custodial Account Letter Agreement
WMMSC 4006 ACH Debit Authorization
WMMSC 4007 Curtailments and Prepaid Installments Reports
WMMSC 4008 Collection Report
WMMSC 4009 Liquidation Schedule
WMMSC 4010 Remittance Reconciliation
WMMSC 4011 Analysis of Custodial Accounts
WMMSC 4013 ARM Adjustments Report
WMMSC 4014 Buydown Custodial Account Letter Agreement
WMMSC 4017 New Loans Report
WMMSC 4018 Trial Balance Report
WMMSC 4019 Request for Release of Mortgage Documents
WMMSC 4020 WMMSC Modification Request
WMMSC 406 Borrower's Certification and Authorization Letter


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