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Defrauded Homeowner Jailed as Domestic Terrorist

Contributed by:   Lainey Hashorva

Here is the latest--- I made a special limited appearance pro-bono on behalf of Barbara to argue a reduction in the bail and to lift the 1295.1 hold on her release. I know this woman and her family personally and she is well respected and has a great deal of integrity. It was really intense.. they had 6 to 8 officers (different agencies) there with the DA on this case--all there for the DA for protection/intimidation....they really had a lot to say about the "S" movement and how in their county (San Bernardino County, CA) they are going full force against this.. now naming those filing papers with the red flag language as domestic paper terrorists. Surreal ... It was great to see 25-35 people pack the small Courtroom for her case.

The great thing was Barbara had cultivated so many great relationships within her community and through legal channels with not only the county recorder (past and present) as well as her local congresswoman, senator and controller. Within 48 hours we got some of these public officials to write letters to attest to her character for the bail hearing (its not easy getting these letters unless they really know you). In argument, when it came to the DA to try to connect her to supposed "S" guy who is in jail (60 plus felony counts of fraud and stealing identities) it was quite laughable... I don't think the Judge bought it. After all she was simply protecting her Own property. She had a bail enhancement of $105,000 due to the fabricated connection to this guy. She never heard of the man much less shared a mailbox. They also argued she used similar "red flag" language in her corrected deed. (oh well... mmmmm .. guess you can't refer to God or use say you are a sovereign citizen) This is quite the political case and it will be interesting to see how each of these public officials choose to show up as the case progresses.

For Immediate Release

UPDATE: Barbara Bratton - Out On Bail Defrauded Homeowner Jailed As Domestic Terrorist

Friday, June 28, 2013: San Bernardino, CA.

Homeowners’ rights advocate Barbara Bratton was released on bail early this morning after spending two weeks detained as a felon on charges of forgery, burglary and offering false documents for allegedly filing a corrective deed at the San Bernardino County Recorder’s office. Homeowners sometimes use corrective deeds as a preliminary step towards court recognition of systemic land title fraud on their home.

At a Wednesday hearing in San Bernardino Superior Court, Ms. Bratton’s attorneys argued that she showed no criminal intent, had no criminal record and posed no flight risk. Bail was reduced from $250,000 to $150,000. Terms require Ms. Bratton and her associates to stay away from her family home of 40 years as well as from the couple who wrongfully obtained the property from her. A preliminary hearing is set for August.

Since 2008, Barbara Bratton, a native of the City of Ontario, CA. and life-long member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in that city, has been engaged in a determined legal battle to win back her home. In an apparent attempt to intimidate her, the office of San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos accused Ms. Bratton of being a domestic terrorist associated with the “sovereign citizens” – a charge wholly without merit. She has never identified herself as a sovereign citizen, nor does she support their views.

At least six officers were assigned to assist the District Attorney’s office with the case. FBI agents were also present in court. Ms. Bratton’s arrest comes at a time of growing public dissatisfaction with domestic surveillance and other gross violations of civil and human rights since passage of the Patriot Act after 9/11.

Barbara Bratton believes in and is in full compliance with the U.S. Constitution, which is why she is fighting a strictly legal battle to win back her home. These trumped up charges appear to be a desperate attempt by county and city officials to divert public attention from the real crimes: the powerful home mortgage industry [[1] ] that has generated mountains of fraudulent documents that continue to pollute property records in San Bernardino County - a county with some of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. Until land title fraud is weeded out from public property records, judges will continue to sanction illegal foreclosures and bankers and home loan servicers who nearly brought down the U.S. economy will go unpunished.

Ø For district attorney and police fabricated attempts to link Ms. Bratton with sovereign citizens, click here for supporting documents PDF file.

Ø See this Mercury News editorial for state legislation to limit public access to government records, especially documents having to do with banks and other corporations on public officials and the expenditure of government funds.

Contact: Family & Friends of Barbara Bratton
Email: Cell: 661.414.2962

[1] Services include: Select Portfolio, Quality Loan Servicing, Loan Processing Services and LSI Title Company. Some have already been indicted.

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