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Home Defender Tanya Dennis in a Bank Action at Chase Bank in Oakland,CA
Victory Over Chase Supports this Action on May 20, 2013 in Washington, DC and Stands in Solidarity to Demand That Bankers be Jailed for Their Crimes.  I stand in solidarity with Home Defender Tanya Dennis who stood in solidarity at Chase Bank with me.  Please read every word below. 

Tanya Dennis, foreclosure fighter and Home Defender with ACCE of Oakland, California has decided to make a stand with ACCE (Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment) for justice and will go to Washington D.C. on May 18th.  

Tanya Dennis will be arrested in an act of civil disobedience and will go to jail on Monday, May 20th 2013 and will remain in jail until May 23rd 2013.

Please mark Tuesday May 22nd on your calendar and please print off a"Jail the Banker Petition" in her behalf. Tanya is asking you to call or fax the Congresspeople listed below and either fax the petition or call and ask the "gatekeeper" to give the Congress your message regarding the nation's concern that not one banker has gone to jail but how easy it was to jail your friend Tanya.

Please forward this post to as many people as  you know. Congress, the US Attorney General and the OCC refuse to stand up to the banks.  The bank lobby in California alone spends $50,000 a week keeping their interests before our lawmakers.  We don't stand a chance unless we stand together.

We must unite and stand in solidarity and DEMAND JUSTICE!!.

Tanya Dennis and homeowners across America are depending on you to make our petition(s) and demonstration(s) for Obama to jail bankers effective. 

Thanks and "Power to the People!" (yes we are bringing it back!)


Senator Elizabeth Warren
202-224-4543 (DC Office) 617-565-3170 (Mass. Office)  
Assemblywoman Maxine Waters
202 - 225-2201 (DC Office) 323-757-8900 (L.A. Office)
FAX 202-225-7854  FAX 323-757-9506
Assemblywoman Barbara Lee
202-225-2661 (DC Office) 510-763-0370 (Oakland Office)
FAX 202-225-9817 FAX 510-763-0370
Senator Diane Feinstein
202-224-3841 FAX 202-228-3954

On May 20-23, underwater homeowners and foreclosure fighters led by Home Defenders League are planning trainings, rallies, and, most important, dramatic non-violent direct action to demand that the Obama Administration end its Too Big to Jail policy and start prosecuting the Wall Street criminals who crashed the economy and whose predation continues to ravage communities across the country.
We're asking groups and individuals to sign on to endorse the actions, promote and help turn people out for the events, and share information about the events through social media.
As part of the week of action, we are seeking to organize press events on Tuesday May 21 and Weds May 22, where elected officials, faith, community and advocacy leaders speak in support of the distressed homeowners who have risk arrest in peaceful civil disobedience and call for action on Wall Street accountability. Brian Kettenring from the Campaign for a Fair Settlement is coordinating these press events. Contact him at <> or 202-412-5890 for more information. 
An endorsement form and 1-page flyer are attached. We hope you and your organizations will join us!
Kevin Whelan, Campaign Director
Home Defenders League 
Bring Justice to Justice!
It’s time for Wall Street to Pay Us Back
May 20, 2013 - 1:00 pm
Gather: Freedom Plaza, 14th Street and Pennsylvania Ave NW –
 Sponsored by: Home Defenders League – Occupy Our Homes – Campaign for a Fair Settlement - Community and faith leaders

Five years after Wall Street crashed the economy, not one banker has been prosecuted for the reckless and fraudulent practices that cost millions of Americans their jobs, threw our cities and schools into crisis, and left families and communities ravaged by a foreclosure crisis and epidemic of underwater mortgages.
Record profits are back at the bailed-out banks. Meanwhile:
•   Homeowners and communities have lost billions to Wall Street’s foreclosure crisis;
•   Millions more families face foreclosure in the coming months;
•   Communities of color have been impacted the most.
This March, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, testifying before a U.S. Senate committee, admitted that big banks and their executives have escaped prosecution simply because they are too wealthy and powerful. "Too big to fail” banks are officially “too big to jail."
The time is now for Congress and the Obama administration to make Wall Street pay us back:
·         Prosecute Wall Street bankers for stealing our homes, savings and livelihoods;
·         End the foreclosure crisis;
·         Reset mortgages to their current value (“principal reduction”);
·         Restore and rebuild wealth stolen from communities of color hardest hit.
Since the crisis began, Americans from all walks of life have banded together to help each other. Working through community organizations, civil rights groups, the Occupy movement, and community and faith leaders, we have shared our stories, lobbied, petitioned, and even faced arrest for occupying our own homes and demanding justice.
During the Wall Street Accountability Week of Action in Washington, D.C., May 18-23, families on the front line of the foreclosure crisis will travel from around the country to Washington, D.C., to make their voices heard. The week will include community organizing, home-defense training, and non-violence and civil-disobedience training. On Monday, May 20, at 1:30pm, home defenders, as well as faith and community leaders will rally to Bring Justice to Justice – demanding an end to the “too big to jail” policy, and relief for families and communities devastated by the financial crisis and foreclosure epidemic.

Kevin Whelan, Home Defenders League Campaign Director

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