Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bring Justice to Justice Week of Action

Washington, DC

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Dear Friends of Tanya Dennis,

Today the first home defenders and foreclosure fighters start arriving Washington DC to kick off the Bring Justice to Justice Week of Action. I’m proud to stand with the dozens who will be risking arrest on Monday at the Department of Justice and the hundreds who will be on hand to support them.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your work and support to get the Week of Action to this point. Without your support and the support of hundreds of thousands of people like you who signed petitions, sent emails, made phone calls, and contributed money, there’s no way that the hundreds of people showing up would have felt inspired enough to take this dramatic step. There’s power in numbers and you make us more powerful.

In honor of the start of the Week of Action, we have one request. Please share this image with your friends, family, and others who you think would appreciate it.   You can do it on Facebook here, on Twitter here, or you can just send this email to your favorite people because the picture speaks for itself.


To follow everything that’s happening as we demand the Obama Administration end Too Big to Jail, you can like the Home Defenders League Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter here, or check the Week of Action Center on the HDL website here.

And to get you and your friends into the mood for the Week of Action you can share this image on Facebook here, Twitter here, or send this email around to your friends.

In solidarity,

Brian, Campaign for a Fair Settlement


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You can also keep up with Brian, Campaign for a Fair Settlement on Twitter or Facebook.

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