Saturday, March 9, 2013

Links to Documents -- Deutsche Bank NT v FDIC Receiver, JPMorgan Chase Bank, and WMMSC

Deutsche Bank vs JPMorgan Chase Bank, FDIC and Washington Mutual Mortgage Securities Corporation -- Amended Complaint Filed 8sep2010

Deutsche Bank  v FDIC, JPMC and WMMSC -- Chase & WMMSC Motion to Dismiss and Motion for Partial Summary Judgment filed 11/22/2010Deutsche Bank NT Case # 1:09 cv-1656 (RMC);
See page 31:  "Under the plain terms of that agreement, JPMC did not become WMB’s successor in interest."

Deutsche Bank NT v FDIC, JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, and WMMSC: Case#1:09cv-1656 (RMC); Memorandum of Points & Authorities to Support Chase's Motion to Dismiss filed 11/22/2010; Deutsche Bank-Chase Memorandum Support to Dismiss 22nov2010
Deutsche Bank National Trust v FDIC, JPMorgan Chase Bank & Washington Mutual Mortgage Securities Corporation -- FDIC Receiver Memorandum of Points & Authority to Support Motion to Dismiss; filed 22 Nov 2010.

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  1. I'd just like to say that these clowns got a bailout to help them. What bailout did I get when my business went south and my house got foreclosed by Chase. Instead of giving the big boys the bailout, the little guys should have gotten bailed out. What a bunch of handwashing by those that have and a kick in the ass for those that don't have.