Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jamie Dimon, Listen Up-- Colorado Woman 'tags' home with message to her bank "JPMorgan Chase is stealing this home"

Aurora, Colorado resident, Michelle Hanson, out of frustration painted a message for JPMorgan Bank, NA's CEO, Jamie Dimon.  The Mortgage Bank Settlement, designed to level the playing field for distressed homeowners, appears to be yet another governmental act intended for good but is continuing to do evil.  Unfortunately Ms. Hanson's story is not unique.  Homeowners continue to struggle to get the banks to comply.  Chase Bank continues to game the system with deception and evasive tactics.

Let's support Michelle Hanson by getting this story to go viral.

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Posted: 02/07/2013
AURORA, Colo. - A frustrated Aurora homeowner spray-painted a message to her lender on her garage door after a 21 month foreclosure battle with her bank.

Michelle Hansen sprayed this message to her bank and its CEO on her garage Monday:
Jamie Dimon & JPMorgan Chase
JP Morgan Chase is stealing this home. Ignores homeowner for 21 months!! I will not violate federal law on your behalf as a condition of communication from you! Call me. Chase Me!! (heart) you.
Hansen told 7NEWS she contacted her bank in May 2011 to notify them she would be delinquent on her mortgage payment. She was told they would work with her on a loan modification.Two months later, she said, they refused to work with her or take her money.

"You're told we need A, B and C so you give them A, B and C and then, 'No we need this and then we'll talk to you.' So you did it and they keep lying," Hansen said.

Hansen's lawyer Keith Gantenbein said he has hundreds of similar cases. He blames it on Colorado's foreclosure practice, which he said "is very one-sided for lenders."

Gantenbein said 20 percent of homes in Colorado are 'underwater,' and many of those homeowners don't know what to do.

"There isn't a lot of due process protections for borrowers to say hey I don't feel like I'm being treated fairly," Gantenbein said.

As for Hansen, she said her message was her last resort.

"Doing this and making it personal, writing to Jamie Dimon was hard," she said. "I never wanted to pick a fight with the bank, but you can make a choice. You can make a choice to stand up for what you believe in."

7NEWS reached out to media representatives of JPMorgan Chase. As of the time of publication, they hadn't responded.

 7NEWS - Woman 'tags' home with message to her bank 'JPMorgan Chase is stealing this home' - Local Story


  1. Hey Jamie, read the FINE print. Please remove your filthy hands from our homes.

  2. Well I can only hope that Ms. Hansen's lawyer will bring up my case. As this isn't just a refusal of payment this is out right OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, MURDER, AND MYSTERY! It's not just in Colorado this is nationwide! They are allowed to murder family members and make others disappear! Think I'm kidding? Who AM I? Well I was one of the top mortgage collectors for both Chase and Citi. I faced the same obstruction of justice. However, after it all and trying to STOP the manufacturing of FRAUD by two of the top foreclosure trustees in America Dave Kreisman and Gerald Shapiro I found out its a whole network and the whole dept of justice it seems in getting to the bottom of the entanglement of FRAUD!

    As I started putting together pieces of the puzzle I found out they don't want you to have a way to pay. As I did have a way and it wasn't good enough. Only to find out the gov is behind my great grandfathers disappearance. That I'm also the great great grand daughter of Katie O'Hara as in Gone With The Wind. That the story is far from FICTIONAL! Think I'm kidding? you can google me and my story by my name Kathy Utiss. I also documented my attempts in Federal Court before I found all of this out. In order to continue with the crisis my own atty refused to file an adversary. So I let a chp 13 get dismissed and filed another and put my own adversary along with my own attys into the court record. They removed his from it POOF! As I don't believe anyone should be forced into a chp 7 for the way they have to pay their bills. Then to find out it doesn't matter if you have a way or not is quite alarming! Especially, when you find out you should be worth millions! Enforced gov identity fraud NEEDS TO STOP! The theft and murders need to STOP as well!

    We also have a way to rectify the crisis they have caused so many. It amazes me that no one will help! I got to separate Recusals as well. One judge disqualified before recusing. The whole crisis is manufactured fraud for a long long time!

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  4. Have any of you been reading about The One People's Trust? Here's a great informational site:

    More and more information is coming forward. Chase has been foreclosed upon, there's no one left to pay.