Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is JPMorgan Chase Bank Fabricating Loan Documents in Court Cases?

On February 20, 2013 the Declaration of Dr. James Madison Kelley Expert Report On the Loan Documents Produced by JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA was filed in US Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California, Division Five in Adversarial Case # 10-05245, BK Case # 08-55305 ASW, Chapter 11; Kelley v. JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, Washington Mutual Bank, and Does 1-20.

 Dr. James Kelley is a computer expert who has studied numerous computer forgeries and has developed scientifically sound methods of distinguishing computer generated signature facsimilies from direct copies of original signatures.  He examined loan documents as to a factual inquiry into the authenticity of the discovery documents produced by JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA through its outside law firm, Alvarado Smith PC.

The examiner concluded:
  1. that none of the collateral files produced for the First and Second Loans are the original documents. 
  2. that the collateral files were printed on color laser printers from layered electronics files fabricated with computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and GIMP.
  3. that each collateral file produced on several different dates have been successively changed in order to correct the defects in each prior edition.
  4. that the signatures in many files other than the collateral files have been altered too appear as though they are blue ink signatures.
  5. that after four years it is clear that JPMorgan Chase Bank NA does not possess the original collateral files for the First and Second Loans and is relying on fabricated collateral files to create the illusion of standing in the Bankruptcy and Adversary cases.

To See the Declaration Go To:

Declaration of Dr. James Kelley as to Loan Documents Produced by JPMorgan Chase Bank

 Exhibits can be viewed at PACER.

ps:  The Exhibits are a bomb shell!

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