Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Washington Mutual Bank -- FDIC Public Purchase and Assumption Agreement


Washington_Mutual_P_and_A.pdf (application/pdf Object)

This link will take you to the FDIC's public 44 page Purchase and Assumption Agreement between FDIC as Receiver and JPMorgan Chase Bank NA for  the failed bank, Washington Mutual Bank.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA is filing a 39 page PAA in judicial foreclosure proceedings across America.  Recently whistle blower Jeffrey A. Thorne attested under oath that the 39 page is the "Public" document and that the "true and complete" PAA (the secret PAA) is in reality 118 or so pages in length.  

What are the dirty secrets hidden in the sweetheart deal with FDIC and Chase?  What is so damaging that the details of this deal cannot be entrusted in the public domain?  What is in this 44 page document that differs from the 39 page document and the 118 or so "true and complete" document?

What is the FDIC hiding from the American people?

What is JPMorgan Chase Bank NA hiding from the courts and their investors? 


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