Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Below is a link to a 112 page document publicly circulated on the Internet as to the Closing Book for the purchase of the failed bank, Washington Mutual Bank.  It appears to be a working copy of the Closing Book and possibly a draft of the "true and complete"  Purchase & Assumption Agreement between FDIC and JPMorgan Chase Bank for Washington Mutual Bank dated September 25, 2008. 

This document supports the contention in Jolley v. Chase that there are 2 PAAs for Washington Mutual Bank -- the 39 page public document and a much lengthier private document as attested to under oath by Jeffrey Thorne, former WAMU employee and contract employee of the FDIC. The 39 page document  contains no inventory of loans is being used in courtrooms across America to justify foreclosures in judicial proceedings. 

Washington_Mutual_Bank_Closing_Book.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Let me warn you that the pages are heavily redacted.  The obvious question is "What are the FDIC and JPMorgan Chase hiding from the public?"

 Update: Today in California at the Marin County Superior Court, Judge Lynn Duryee denied Scott Call Jolley's Motion to Compel JPMorgan Chase Bank to provide the true and complete Purchase and Assumption Agreement.

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