Friday, December 16, 2011


On December 15, 2011, Catherine Cortez Masto, Attorney General of Nevada, filed Case No: A-11-653289-B in Dept XI on behalf of the State of Nevada versus Lender Processing Services, Inc; Fidelity National Information Service, Inc; LPS Default Solutions, Inc; DOCX, LLC, and various does in the District Court of Clark County, Nevada.

This complaint is enlightening for Washington Mutual borrowers who are being foreclosed by JPMorgan Chase Bank NA which utilizes the services of LPS to foreclose.We've heard about the robosigning but the list of abuses is piling up.  How long will LPS and Chase get away with foreclosing without accountability in California and other states?

The complaint alleges that LPS falsified, forged and/or fraudulently executed an unknown number of foreclosure-related documents in Nevada and elsewhere in the country; that LPS filed or knew would be filed in Nevada courts and/or with county recorders in Nevada; that LOPS knew would be provided to consumers; and that LPS transmitted to its mortgage servicer clients (Servicers such as JPMorgan Chase Bank NA); that LPS knew homeowners, courts, attorneys and Services would rely on these documents to pursue foreclosures on Nevada homeowners.

Further allegations:  

That allegedly LPS improperly directs and/or controls the work of foreclosure attorneys in the LPS Network.  LPS claims to be a mere technology provider and administrative middle-man when it actually handles core responsibilities traditionally in the purview of Servicers. 

And the list of issues goes on and on -- where are the prosecutions and complaints in California?
Where does AG Kamala Harris stand on this?

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