Thursday, June 9, 2011


This is the link to take you to the Consent Order issued to JPMorgan Chase by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

nr-occ-2011-47e.pdf (application/pdf Object)


  1. That's nice that the OCC issued an order to JPMorgan Chase, but I don't think they have changed their foreclosure tactics.

    Chase at one time used to be my lender. They refuse to tell me much more than that the are a servicer and that Freddie Mac is an investor. Freddie Mac states that they "own" my loan.

    Meanwhile the copies of my mortgage and note that they purport to be evidence that they have standing to foreclose AND the county courthouse don't reflect any ownership changes.

    Does anyone actually have my note. I find it unlikely. I find it more plausible that the note was paid off when it was securitized.

    If Freddie Mac actually owned the note or JPMorgan Chase still had the original note there would be some kind of transfer reflected.

    Technically an old copy that they had from closing is a "true copy". I could show you a copy of a $100 bill, it still wouldn't mean I have $100, only that I HAD $100.

  2. This one is very helpful.Thanks for providing the link.