Monday, May 23, 2011

Mortgage fraud: California forming mortgage fraud task force -

Mortgage fraud: California forming mortgage fraud task force -

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  1. Absolutely useless. These little fake "task forces" had to be created for show, because the real regulators were punked out like bitches by Jamie Dimon. Every agency tasked with Bank regulation was turned into submissive cuckold lap dogs. They only had 1 job to do... keep Banks in check! Simple. What a waste of time, money and space.

    I may not be the smartest man alive, but I know bullshit when I smell it, and these alleged fines reek of it.

    The Federal Reserve is the Umbrella for both the Banks and Regulators. The Reg's pretend to discipline the Banks for bad behavior and collect fines to save face, so as to seem useful. Obviously they're just funneling all the dirty money into their personal "reserve" money washing machine. Goes in dirty, comes out clean. The homeowners don't think twice about getting their money back like they should, cause they feel the Banks are being punished, but really they just came up with another genius scheme to keep it for themselves and not have to give anything back.

    Imagine robbing a bank and not only being allowed to pay fines instead of jail time, but pay the fines with heist money. lol.

    Billions & billions of dollars in fine money and still not a single homeowner helped. Those who thought they were helped are just now finding out they were only duped again. All they're going to get is a nasty surprise after 5 years.

    They not only end up losing their homes anyway, but they lose the right to do anything about it as well. Maybe we should stop calling them Banks and call them what they really are instead. Mafia... a really super shitty version.

    Wait till the lawsuits hit the regulators for negligence. Millions of people became victims solely because of them. The failure to act and fulfill their duties. Their only duty.