Friday, March 25, 2011

JPMorgan Chase Plan to Hire 2,000 in Northern California

JPMorgan Chase Bldg.  560 Mission Street, San Franciso, CA
On a lighter note:

If you'd like a bankster job and would like to live in northern California, there is great news afoot!

Our favorite bankster, JPMorgan Chase Bank, is hiring!

JPMorgan Chase announced today its plan to hire 2,000 employees in Northern California, mostly in San Francisco, over the next two years.

Jamie Dimon, CEO & Chairman of JPMorgan Chase states:  “We have an outstanding strategic position, a great brand, strong character, fantastic employees and a remarkable future. Welcome.”  

If you are a skilled purveyor of lies and half-truths, if you have no problem misrepresenting the facts, if you have no trouble misleading customers, then you may be perfect for one of these 2,000 jobs.

Be sure to include in your resume that you've had lots of foreclosure experience.  Add that you are very familiar with falsifying documents, securitization, and knowledge of bank fraud.  Add that because JPMorgan Chase has stolen your home that you require additional considerations for by the time you are hired you need to be sleeping, eating, and bathing at the bank because you are now homeless.  For perks, request a bathroom with shower and amenities, a good bed, TV, books, sofa, WiFi and all the cable channels -- plus maid service and access to all bank records for WAMU customers. 

Good luck with your life at Banksterville.  

Make sure you that you know what this Bankster is doing all across America to homeowners, children, pets, neighborhoods, cities, and states.

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