Friday, February 25, 2011


Here is an untold story given as my personal opinion about just how stupid and greedy the Banksters are:


In 2005 Washington Mutual Bank, FA (a federal savings bank) headquartered in Danville, CA merged with Washington Mutual Bank and became nonexistent.  By law when a bank merges within another, there is only one survivor – in this case it was Washington Mutual Bank, NOT Washington Mutual Bank FA which was terminated within 30 days of that merger in March or April 2005.  (See Washington Mutual,  Inc. 10K filing with the SEC for 12/31/2005).

Problem #1:  Washington Mutual Bank, FA (now nonexistent as a legal entity) continued to make home loans under this nonexistent name to thousands of homeowners in California and elsewhere AFTER THE MERGER through the year 2007.

Problem #2:  JPMorgan Chase (servicer for WaMu mortgages) is now foreclosing on thousands of homes across the country citing Washington Mutual Bank, FA as the beneficiary on Notices of Default and Notices of Trustee’s Sale.  This of course is under the auspices of Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMC, who as stated that no homeowner was foreclosed on who did not deserve such actions.

Problem #3:  These acts speak to possibles violations of the California Civil Code 1550 contract law. If an entity/person does not legally exist, how can the contract (mortgage) be valid? 

Problem #4:  JPMorgan Chase and the FDIC are believed to know this and are trying to keep this hush hush.  They even turn a blind eye to federal subpoenas. They are above the law.  This is criminal.

Problem #5:  The mortgages were fraudulent and probably nonenforceable from the moment of application and execution – thus making thousands of foreclosures fraudulent.

Unfortunately struggling homeowners do not have the money to hire competent lawyers with an understanding of this grand scheme of fraud to fight back.

This is about Bankster Fraud on an epic scale. 


  1. Thank you for this very informative blog. I am in Middlesex County, NJ experiencing the same scenario. I have spent what monies I had on an attorney that is still clueless to this new Epic of Banksters. My daughter has researched and found many articles and actual has challenged JPMorgan/Chase to produce Note,Assignment or other documents to prove they own Washington Mutual loan,and are not just (Servicers) of the loan as they state on all the correspondence. Up until Feb 2011 and the letter to Chase demanding proof there has been know record of Washington Mutual or Chase recorded at the courthouse. What we did find was another company that is non existent and was out of business for originating bad loans. Presently Chase has be putting off responding to the request back in 2010, however in Feb 2011 they have on the sly, recorded an ASSIGNMENT from the original mortgage company, that remind you had already had an assignment to the mortgage company that is non existent????? Research,Research,Research....knowledge is always powerful.

  2. I closed in 2006, My loan amount is 312k, I am in Virginia and I am presently current but will reset this fall and likely be forced to choose between food and my home. I am a WAMU stated no doc negative amortization alleged loan that was assumed by Chase. Multiple Respa TILA violations. recently confirmed my alleged loan is a MERS loan. Will pursue the trustees with scrutiny and will find what I am looking for.
    Is this done through a forensic audit or some other securitzation chain of title search? I will soon find out but any pointers in the right direction appreciated.

    Thanks for all those in service to others. I had to get this to you ASAP.

    This may be the remedy I and others have been waiting for. I wish to hear from as many people in the same state and boat as I whether you know what to do or not.

    I pray the study below helps many of you. God Bless. Clint – 571-332-2558

    STUDY: Mortgage Assignments to Washington Mutual Trusts Are Fraudulent
    -Aug 7, 2011 by Neil Garfield

  3. I just blogged about how the StLouis Courts are allowing this fraud to take place with JPMorgan. They are claiming property and using other entities to hid their own identity. The Bankrupcy Courts are being used each and everyday to hide this fraud. JP Morgan using alias endorsement of Ed Fisher AND cCliff Cotton ,WASHINGTON uNIVERSITY, THE CENTENE CORPORATION AND THE UNIVERSAL HEALTH CENTER AS FRON COMPANIES. They work really har to silence the homeowners. Now using a Federal Government contractor calld Dysns using helicopters to harrass homeonwers , tracking their every move and placing survilience on their vehicles. GO SURVILIENCE JP MORGAN and the JUDGES IN THIS TOWN,.