Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Foreclosed Home in Oakland, CA 94602
Between today and end of business on February 3rd 2011, in the city of Oakland, California, one-hundred-ninety-nine (199) homes are scheduled to be sold on the County Courthouse steps on Fallon Street in Oakland.

California Reconveyance Company, Trustee for WAMU in California, Nevada, and Arizona will seize seven (7) homes of the 199 going to auction.  The following week California Reconveyance will seize two homes in my immediate zip code, 94618.

WAMU's last scheduled foreclosure sale date on my home was in October 2010.  On September 30, 2010 all information on my foreclosure sale vanished from the website LPS Agency Sales and Posting.  I telephoned the Trustee, California Reconveyance Company in Chatsworth, California to find out my status and the representative said the sale was "on hold" and to contact JPMorgan Chase.  I telephoned JPMorgan Chase and was told the sale was "indefinitely placed on hold."  To date no new sale date has been posted for which I am deeply grateful.  I still have a pending modification application through NACA that has been in the works since October 7th, 2010, with numerous requests for updated documents, all with which I have complied.  Needless to say I check the LPS Agency website daily as do others in my community.

Likewise on September 30, 2010  Jane, a resident of Contra Costa County with a WAMU foreclosure action pending, also noted that all data relative to her sale through Trustee, California Reconveyance Company, had also disappeared from their other website www.priorityposting.com.  Likewise nothing more has been published.

We are grateful for this respite from the storm, however what does it mean?  With California Reconveyance rearing it's ugly head in Oakland again, one really has to wonder and be ever vigilant.

Last month 1,000 brand new Notices of Default were filed in Alameda County, California. Over 1,800 other homeowners are in some stage of the foreclosure process in this county.  We have fallen prey to the banks and their treacherous ways.

Attorney General Kamila Harris
California Attorney General Kamila Harris appears to be just another pretty face.  She is NOT living into her campaign promises to California homeowners to do all she could to stop foreclosures.  What her office does do is send a meaningless form letter response to inquiries. In her own words this is the promise she made, now being broken now that she is in office:
 “Protecting homeowners will be one of my top priorities as California Attorney General” said nominee Harris. “Building off the work of Attorney General Brown, I will push for tough legislation to hold predators accountable and bring relief to desperate homeowners.”


Telephone your California Assembly Representative immediately and often.  You may find the contact information by going to http://www.assembly.ca.gov/acs/acsframeset7text.htm  Likewise contact Assemblyman Mike Davis at 916-319-2047.  Convey to your Assembly Member that Kamila Harris, Attorney General, MUST DO MORE TO STOP FORECLOSURES IN CALIFORNIA and keep her promise to protect homeowners.  Make a case for your district and why you need action to SAVE OUR HOMES.

Meanwhile, let us pray for the 199 homeowners in Oakland and the thousands in cities all across every state in America.  Let us pray; let us act; let us move our feet!

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